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Majo & Rodrigo are esteemed tango dancers and instructors with a global reputation. They are celebrated for pushing the boundaries of modern tango, showcasing its expressive capacity through their performances. Their movement quality and the authenticity of their dance philosophy stand out; they advocate for tango as a dynamic conversation between partners and between the dancers and the music.

Their approach, rooted in pure improvisation, brings a thrilling unpredictability to each performance, making every moment uniquely compelling. Since uniting their talents in 2015, Majo and Rodrigo have graced the stages at numerous prestigious tango festivals and taught at several tango academies worldwide. Their artistry is ever-evolving, driven by continuous research, experimentation, and the desire to convey their process of artistic discovery. 

Renowned for empowering their students to develop a personalized dance style, they focus on creativity rather than imitation.  Remarkable collaborations with leading tango productions and orchestras across the globe have marked Majo and Rodrigo's artistic journey. Their performances have seamlessly integrated with the sounds of traditional and avant-garde ensembles, showcasing their ability to traverse the broad musical landscape of tango. This versatility highlights their connection with the music and commitment to exploring the full spectrum of tango's expressive potential. 



Since uniting their talents in 2014, this duo has immersed themselves in the world of tango, excelling as performers, educators, and event coordinators. Their performances are celebrated at prestigious milongas, international tango festivals, and exclusive private gatherings worldwide. Recognized internationally by both peers and students, their innovative teaching methodology sets them apart in the dance community.


As the founders and organizers of La Mandrilera Milonga, they have nurtured a social dance haven that, over the past decade, has blossomed into a cornerstone for tango enthusiasts of all skill levels. This venue is cherished for its welcoming, judgment-free atmosphere, making it the preferred starting point for beginners and a favored space for dancers looking to refine their technique and unleash their creativity.

Their understanding and mastery of tango were cultivated under the guidance of esteemed maestros such as Gustavo Naveira, Giselle Anne, Chicho Frumboli, Carlos & Rosa Forte, Dana Frígoli, and Pablo Villarraza, positioning them as influential figures for the upcoming generation of dancers.


Described with words like playful, refreshing, and joyful, their dance embodies a deep connection and presence. They envision tango as a collaborative exchange, where each dancer's individual contribution fosters a harmonious, fluid, and musically coherent dialogue. Their educational approach mirrors this philosophy, blending dynamism and humor with technical skill and creativity in a manner that enhances the learning experience, making the practice of tango both more enjoyable and effective.

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