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As we slowly recover physically and mentally after two weeks of tying up loose ends and finally bring to a close this wonderful event, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who was a part of the 1st edition of Tangamente.

With the mission of continuing the legacy of Nora's Tango Week, we wanted to create an inclusive event that embodies our hearts and vision in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tangamente Tango Immersion was conceived as an intensive study weekend paired with a marathon, allowing attendees to choose how they would like to experience this weekend.

We were thrilled beyond measure to witness the remarkable energy displayed by attendees hailing from 68 cities, 23 states, and even a few from beyond the borders of the US. This vibrant spirit resonated throughout the entire event, and we firmly believe that we have successfully realized our vision, thanks to the invaluable contributions of our teachers, DJs, musicians, community leaders, organizers, volunteers, staff members, advisors, friends, and family. We owe this accomplishment to our beloved tango community. The success of Tangamente belongs to each and every one of you as much as it does to us.

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To our amazing teachers, Jonathan & Clarisa and Cecilia & Serkan, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for believing in our vision and purpose. Your passion and generosity have elevated this event to new levels of meaning for both us and the attendees. Thank you for your friendship and understanding. We are truly grateful to have had you by our side and for the opportunity to showcase your incredible talent in the world of Tango.

To all our amazing DJs, from far & near, Ayano, Olga, Jun, Jonas, Georges, Avik, Dhruv, and Felipe, we want to express our deepest appreciation for bringing your energy and skill to Tangamente. Your music set the stage for dancers to move with their hearts and souls. Thank you for your invaluable contribution to the event.

To our beloved musicians, Winne, Hugo, Sasha, and guest vocalist, Teresa, thank you for providing us with a truly delightful and memorable afternoon and for sharing your incredible gifts with us.

To all our incredible and dedicated staff, once again, you are our saviors!

Valerio Adinolfi, Earl Allen, Don An, Raul Benencia, Ranelle Calub, Janette Cariad, Benny Chan, Jen Chuang, Terence Clarke, Glenn Corteza, Sabina Czajkowska, Sarah Donelan, Peter Huang, Marsha Jhono, James Kang, Keiko Kikuta, Esther Lu, Allan Manayan, Amy Ning Xuan, Martin Nobida, Fiona Nobida, Jeff Schneider, Ramya Srinivasan, Teresa Tam, Gregory Trigub, David Ungson, JoyeeUngson, Bill Ward, Joyce Wong, Hui Xie, Tim Yoshida, Alexander Zeyliger

   •    Our front desk team has gone above and beyond their duties to ensure a smooth registration process and has willingly taken on multiple responsibilities as needed.

   •    Our door monitoring and role-balancing teams demonstrated high efficiency, attentiveness, and care in ensuring balanced workshops and well-managed milonga entrances.

   •    Our new food team did an amazing job, tirelessly running the kitchen throughout the event. We cannot imagine the event without their invaluable contribution.

   •    Our new childcare staff introduced a new amenity for tango parents, allowing them to participate in Tangamente with peace of mind.

   •    Our A/V & tech team ensured the milongas ran flawlessly, without missing a beat.

   •    Our memento-making team, responsible for capturing videos and photos, provided cherished memories of the weekend to be savored over time.

   •    Our setup and take-down teams were always present and ready to complete the necessary tasks and to those who offered their help in various ways, all of which helped keep our sanity in check throughout the event. We truly feel lucky and blessed to have such a dedicated and supportive group of individuals.

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To our generous sponsors, Lagunitas and Wooden Table Baking Co. we sincerely thank you for showering our attendees with treats, goodies, and bar beverages adding delightful surprises and energizing moments to our event.

To our wonderful vendors, Tango Splash by YolandaAtelier Vertex by Rina, and Jennifer Olson, thank you for supporting us by providing great products and services to our attendees’ shopping experience.

To Lisa Haney, thank you for allowing us to use your stunning illustrations.

To our community leaders and organizers, who have generously shared their insights and provided us with support and encouragement, we extend our heartfelt gratitude.  Thank you for your unwavering support and for being part of our journey.

To our tango community and all communities far and near! Thank you for supporting and making this event truly special for us. We aim to keep improving and evolving to provide you with a better and more memorable experience next year. Please keep an eye out for the feedback survey coming soon.


Special Thanks to: Russian Center of San Francisco, Alex, Sasha, Glenn, & neighbors for not calling the cops on us, Adolfo Caszarry & MalevajeJulian RamilAyano & Felipe, Rina Gendelman, Xiaomin Jiang, SF Loves Tango, Tom Lewis & La Pista, Kamel Karajah & El Valenciano, Yuliana Basmajyan & SCTCMeredith Klein, Eugene Kim, Ksenia Kirilyuk & Tango Advisor, Andrés Ozzuna, Lana Mednick, Earl Allen, Karen Curtis, Christina & Homer, Lisette Perelle, Dorcas Hendershott, Count Glover, Mayumi Fujio, Kat McTamus, Jing Liu, Nik Gervae, Holly Hon, Carlos Mora, Loco Howoon Chung, Carol Hom, Ed Neale, Ervey Castillo, Mayya Lavrenko, and those who offered help in any small way. Plus those we forgot to mention. WE APPRECIATE YOU! 

A heartfelt and special thank you goes out to Nora Olivera for her incredible dedication to tango in the SF Bay Area for over 25 years. Nora's contributions have been invaluable and we are honored to be able to continue her remarkable work. We sincerely hope that our efforts have made her proud.  Thank you, Nora, for your immense impact on the tango community in the SF Bay Area and beyond.

And with that, we hope to see you again at Tangamente on the 4th of July weekend in 2024! 

Rama & Elaine


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